Welcome to all things surgery. From our succinct fact sheets to curated research articles, you’ll find it here.

Fact Sheets

We will be regularly posting fact sheets of both common and uncommon surgical conditions that you may come across in the wards, in addition to other surgery-related topics. They will provide you with a snapshot of the fundamentals, taking you from clinical presentation to management and complications.


We maintain a list of research publications authored by past Monash Malaysia medical students as well as staff, directly or indirectly related to surgery, ranging from review articles to original research. You can also find a list of recent research articles by other authors in the field of surgery that may be of particular interest to you.


Members-Only Content

When you register annually as a SIGMUM member (for Years 3, 4 and 5) or as a SIGMUM pre-clinical subscriber (Years 1 and 2), you are entitled to exclusive surgery-related educational resources. Our members-only resource library will be updated from time to time, and will include things like a CT & X-Ray library and quizzes.

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