IT and Publicity Department


Siveshan Silvam 

IT Executive Director

Hey yall. I’m Siveshan and I’m currently in my fifth year. I’ll be the IT executive director for SIGMUM 2022/2023. I’m really excited to be part of this team to bring many wonderful events to our fellow med students. Surgery has always had a special place in my heart and to be able to help expand people’s knowledge and gauge their interest in surgery is just an honour. 

Although there are times throughout med school where I feel like screaming “somebody sedate me”, it’s the prospect of becoming someone who can actually save lives one day that keeps me going. My other interests include roller blading, reading and definitely sleeping/napping.

Kong Ngiong Xiu

IT Subcommittee 

I am Xiu, a Year 4 medical student. I am so grateful to be serving in this organisation this year. It is a blessing to be able to learn and work together with like-minded individuals in achieving similar goals. In relation to my current position, I hope to utilise IT to promote healthcare and share healthcare information with the public.

Zi Hui

Publicity Director

Alexandre Lim Eng Keat

Publicity Subcommittee

Dre… as in Dr. Dre, not der! That’s right, I’m Alexandre Lim, more commonly known as Alex. Currently in Y4 and doing my best just to stay awake for my classes. Aspiring to be a neurosurgeon in the future, I have the burning desire for surgery and being presented with a challenge. Being in SIGMUM means that I get to kill two birds with one stone and work on myself individually and academically. I also eat – a lot. I love ramen, and I’m hoping that one day once the borders open, I can finally head to Japan and have myself a nice bowl of ramen there.

Karuva Muazzam

Publicity Subcommittee 

I’m Karuva, a fourth year student and a member of the Publicity subcommittee team for the 2022/2023 year. I’ve always enjoyed activities that allow me to express myself creatively and since becoming a medical student I love turning to these hobbies as much needed breaks from the stress of studying. I am excited to combine my creative skills and interests with my desire to learn about the surgical field and I look forward to working with the rest of the SIGMUM team to plan and execute all the wonderful events and activities this year. 

Chang Cheng

Publicity Subcommittee

Hello, I’m currently in Year 3 and I’m one of the Publicity subcommittees! I joined SIGMUM because I am interested to explore the surgical field of medicine and build on my foundation of surgical skills. I used to spend 100% of my time for studies and I figured it’s time to step out of my comfort zone. Being a part of SIGMUM also provides me the opportunity to build my interpersonal skills, as seamless collaboration between every member is essential, be it in SIGMUM or a medical team. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, taking naps and watching YouTube!