Education & Research Department


Edmund Sia Lee Chung

Director of Education

Hey I am Edmund Sia, currently completing my final year in Monash. As the Director of Education for SIGMUM 2022/23 and an aspiring surgeon, I look forward to serve the members by planning events and sharing carefully curated surgical content online with my team to equip the members with the necessary knowledge and skills. Having been a member of SIGMUM for the past 2 years, I have learnt a lot and I hope to give back to the club during my term, and hopefully in doing so, inspire medical students alike to venture into the world of surgery. Apart from medicine, I also love basketball, taking pictures, playing with kids, and trying new food.

Crystal Hii Hua Qian

Subcommittee for Education

Hello!! I am Crystal, a Year 4 medical student and one of the Education subcommittees this year. I joined SIGMUM because I’ve always been interested in surgery and wanted to get to know the world of surgery better. I am looking forward to working together with this amazing team and coming up with interesting topics and webinars to foster the interest of our students in the surgical field.

Eva Teo Zhi Yee

Subcommittee for Education

Hi guys, I am Eva Teo and I’m currently in Year 3. I’m one of the education subcommittees this year. My ambition has always been to work as a surgeon, which is why I’ve joined Sigmum in the hopes of learning more about the surgical field and gaining insight into it. I’m also looking forward to working with this group of brilliant and amazing people who share common interests; I believe that together, we can help to grow our students’ interest and enthusiasm in the surgical field. I appreciate work-life balance, so when I’m not studying, I like to play the piano, go jogging, or just hang out with friends. I really like to try and learn new stuff and recently I am learning jazz drum and aerial yoga 🙂

Shawn Wang Hong Jing

Director of Research

What’s good everyone! I’m Shawn Wang in Year 3 and I’m the Director of Research. I love SIGMUM cause it’s such a phenomenal platform for those of us interested in surgery to explore the beautiful complexities of surgery, especially research 🙂 Besides being a nerdy medical student, I thoroughly enjoy sleeping (cause who aint sleep deprived amirite) Btw SIGMUM is damn lit la so get yourselves ready for some fire events this year skrrt

Lai Yong Sheng

Subcommittee for Research

Hi, I am Lai Yong Sheng, a Year 3 medical student and the current subcommittee member of the Research Department for SIGMUM 2022/2023. It’s my honour to be connected to this amazing team with great passion in pursuing a surgical career. Beyond that, I look forward to bringing in new ideas for upcoming events. Aside from medicine, I enjoy listening to music, reading, jogging and playing badminton.