Executive Team


Kevin Beh


I am Kevin Beh, your president for the term 2022/2023. Currently in my 4th Year in Monash Medicine, I wish to promote the interest and knowledge in Surgery and Research. I believe we should work hard and play harder, often spending my downtime on Frisbee or Billiards. This 2022, I am excited to be joined by my exceptionally talented team as we bring SIGMUM to the next level. We aim to have SIGMUM be a part of your surgical career, providing platforms and events appropriate from the undergraduate medical student to the postgraduate aspiring specialist.

Dillon Arnand Kanagalingam

Vice President

Dillon here, VP for SIGMUM 2022/2023 and currently in my final year. When I started med School I never knew there was a difference between Medicine and Surgery. But now in my Final Year I realised that my interests lean towards the hands-on technical approach to Surgery. Hence, my decision to join SIGMUM. As the VP I hope to our members enjoy the variety of events we have in store for them and that SIGMUM eventually takes off for greater heights, rather than being confined to the boundaries of our university walls. But surgery isn’t everything, my hobbies include novels, cooking and more recently “Sleeping~”. 

Debbie Teh Hui En

Vice President

Helu there! I’m Debbie, VP for SIGMUM 2022/2023, currently in my final year. I joined SIGMUM as I am passionate and eager to gain further knowledge in Surgery and noted the importance of education to promote interest. Hence becoming part of the SIGMUM team to continue and expand the delivery of surgical education among medical students, advocating for and supporting each and everyone out there with the passion and enthusiasm in Surgery. Other interests apart from medicine? Coffee, food, crafts… and sleep!

Chamath Gunawardena

Vice President


I’m in my fourth year of medicine and this will be my second year at SIGMUM as a committee member. As one of the Vice Presidents (subcom), I will help oversee some of the departments, especially the IT team, to ensure that everything runs smoothly so we can bring you even more surgical goodness this year. I’m currently exploring the field of surgery and testing the waters to hopefully make this my career one day; joining SIGMUM and working alongside all these lovely people with a shared passion for surgery has enabled me to do just that. In my free time, you’ll find me in the labyrinths of Reddit trying to decipher what Tenet is actually about. I enjoy cooking as well as baking, and I can make a really good STP (sticky toffee pudding).

Vaishali Parasuraman


Hi everyone! My name is Vaishali Parasuraman and I am currently in my final year of medical school. I am also the secretary for SIGMUM 2022 so I will be managing the admin tasks like documents, meeting minutes and so on. I joined SIGMUM in hopes that it helps to hone my surgical knowledge and skills so that one day I could say the words – “Scalpel please” with utter confidence.

I have heard of the numerous successful events that SIGMUM has executed in the past years and I am thrilled to be working alongside this amazing team, hopefully contributing my skills to further promote surgical interest to like-minded people. In terms of personal interest, I also like to escape into the world of fiction once in a while to get a break from the real world. 

Raina Jacob


Hi everyone! I’m Raina Jacob, and I’m currently in my 4th year. I’ll be one of SIGMUM’s treasurers for this year, and I’m looking forward to working alongside Divya to manage all financial activities of SIGMUM! I’ve always found surgery to be a very intriguing field. The fact that the smallest detail can hold the greatest importance has always fascinated me. Due to my lack of exposure to surgery in the past year, I personally joined SIGMUM with the hope of taking part in as many events and workshops to enhance my knowledge and skills in this field. I hope our team will be able to meet your expectations and deliver abundant opportunities for all members! I also love spending my free time painting. 

Divya Daashni


Hello everyone! My name is Divya Daashni, and I’m currently in my 4th year of medical school. I am honored to serve as one of the SIGMUM 2022 committee’s co-treasurers alongside Raina. We will collaborate to manage the club’s finances and create budgets. Even before beginning medical school, I was interested in the field of surgery and hoped to pursue a career in it. I joined SIGMUM because as a member, I will be able to promote surgical interest to others while also furthering my knowledge and experience in the surgical field. I’m excited to work with our wonderful committee to put on events and seminars that will hopefully exceed your expectations. In my spare time, I enjoy spending the majority of my time watching tv shows and hanging out with friends.

Sarah Tan Xian Li

Returning Officer