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Sarah Tan Xian Li


Hello there! I am Sarah Tan, President of SIGMUM 2021/2022 and currently a Year 4 medical student. I joined SIGMUM because I am passionate to learn from renowned surgeons the necessary knowledge and skills in preparation for my future surgical career as well as nurturing the interest of surgery in all medical students with a wholesome team. My interest became deeply rooted after shadowing an amazing surgeon and he once told me, “to be a successful surgeon, you must have the eyes of a hawk, the heart of a lion, and the hands of a lady.” Although it requires years of dedication and resilience, I truly believe everyone can do it including you! I believe that SIGMUM is the seed and starting platform where everyone can acquire opportunities to learn. Joining SIGMUM is truly the best decision I have ever made in my clinical years. On the other hand, if you ask about my hobbies, they would be dancing (hip hop, belly dance and jazz), reading and playing the piano!

Vanisha Naduni Fernando

Vice President

Hi Folks! I am Vanisha Fernando and I am the Vice president alongside the lovely Rebecca. The reason I joined SIGMUM was merely because it resonated with me the first time I was introduced to it. Funny story though, I only joined 2 years after. I joined the society to find out if surgery was the thing for me. Also, I did want my colleagues and myself to have more exposure to surgical events and workshops as we could use all the practice we need. Besides surgery, I have always enjoyed a little fun in the sun but at the same time I can be the world’s biggest sloth.

Rebecca Charmaine Daniel

Vice President

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca Charmaine (aka ya homegurl RBC) and I’m currently in my 5th year of medical school. I am one of the Vice Presidents of SIGMUM and am so grateful to be serving alongside the wonderful Vanisha. Personally, I joined SIGMUM because I didn’t quite feel like I had enough surgical exposure and genuinely wanted to explore further into the surgical field of medicine to better determine if it is for me or not. I know SIGMUM to be an active club holding numerous events that foster the interest and enthusiasm of our students in the surgical field and I wanted in on it! Furthermore, I enjoy planning and executing events as well as working with others on a committee, and hence, I am now here. Additionally, I also enjoy good coffee, going out to brunch with my friends, cute puppies and funny memes.

Lim Li Siew


Hi everyone! I am Li Siew from Year 3 and also the secretary for SIGMUM. I will be managing documents, meeting minutes and other admin tasks. I want to contribute my skills to make SIGMUM events more meaningful and informative to promote surgical interest among curious-minded medical students. Plus, this would be an awesome opportunity to work with these hardworking and amazing surgical enthusiasts. Hopefully, we would bring this society to greater heights together. I found surgery interesting after I observed my first OT, which gave very admirable vibes especially with their strong teamwork and superb surgical hand skills. I also love art-related stuff like painting and drawing.

Ramyah Kumaravelu


I am Ramyah Kumaravelu from Year 5. I am one of the co-treasurers of the SIGMUM 2021 committee. I have been a SIGMUM member for the past 3 years and was drawn to join SIGMUM because I have always been more interested in the field of surgery compared to medicine. This is because the former is more hands-on. In my clinical years, the surgical rotations have been complemented well by activities organized by SIGMUM. This has inevitably further propelled my interest in the surgical field.

Tong Li Joon


Hello! My name is Li Joon and I am a 4th year medical student. I am currently the co-treasurer of SIGMUM, which means that I have to work together with my partner to manage the financial flow and create budgets to sustain our club. The reasons that I have joined SIGMUM are that I am passionate about surgery and the surgical field, and would love to contribute as well as promote surgical awareness amongst medical students. It is also a blessing to be able to learn and work together with like-minded individuals in achieving similar goals. My interest in surgery actually began after having the opportunity to scrub in and join small-scaled OTs, where you could actually see what the surgeon is doing. Besides medicine, I enjoy café hopping, scrolling through social media, travelling, and generally spending quality time with my friends, but was not able to do much due to the pandemic. So, let us pray the pandemic away!

Karshini Ghanesh

Former SIGMUM President 2020/2021