About Us

We are a highly-active society of individuals who are passionate, eager and bursting with enthusiasm to promote surgical education among medical students.

Our Mission

  • Advocate and promote the interests of medical students interested in surgery.

  • To deliver various engaging surgical workshops, events and educational sessions catered to all medical students.

  • Create a platform for students to gain exposure and learning opportunities to develop a variety of surgical skills.

  • Provide students with various opportunities to meet surgeons and discover the surgical specialty that interests them.

  • To guide students in developing their surgical experience and building their surgical portfolio.

Est. 2011

Our History

The Surgical Interest Group of Monash University Malaysia (SIGMUM) was originally founded in 2011 by Associate Professor Anil Gandhi. He felt the need to give a identity and a platform to medical students who are passionate about surgery and want to specialize in surgery. Early on, this society was affectionately known as the Surgical Interest Group of Monash University Sunway (SIGMUS). Associate Professor Lakshmi Selvaratnam and Associate Professor Arkendu Sen were the academic supervisors catering for students in the pre-clinical years whereas Associate Professor Anil Gandhi is the academic supervisor for clinical years at Clinical School Johor Bahru. In 2014, SIGMUS was formally renamed to SIGMUM and is a Association of medical students interested to peruse a carrier in surgery after graduating from Monash University Malaysia and located at clinical school Johor Bahru, supervised by Associate Professor Anil Gandhi.