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Chia Yen Lek

IT Executive Director

I’m Chia Yen Lek, currently Final year (year 5) medical student who holds the position of IT executive Director. The main reason I joined SIGMUM is to learn part and parcel of surgery under the guidance of Dr. Anil who is a fellow surgeon. In relation to my current position, I believe that IT plays a big role in promoting healthcare in this current era and even in the future. Thus, I would definitely like to use this golden opportunity to learn and utilize IT to link healthcare information with the public as much as I can. My primary goal of becoming a doctor is to become a surgeon who actually requires and is able to practice hands on skills (surgery) in managing patients. My other interests outside of medicine will be listening to music, playing musical instruments as well as doing sports which can help me to relax and relieve all my stresses. I strongly believe that these hobbies/ interests are essential in the long term, as a medical career is a life-long pathway which requires determination and healthiness in both mental and physical aspects.

Suleka Minaali Jayaratne

Creative Design Director

Hello everyone! My name is Minaali and I’m a 4th year medical student as well as the Creative Design Director over here at SIGMUM. My main goal of wanting to join SIGMUM was to help me gain more surgical experience as well as broaden my knowledge. I also love collaborating with different kinds of people and watching the end result play out. I don’t have any specific hobbies but I love spontaneous travel, spending quality time with my dog Lily, experimenting (and miserably failing) with new recipes I find on social media and watching any new show that comes out on Netflix. I’m also an avid dog lover!

Chamath Gunawardena

IT + Website Director

I am a third year medical student and I’m involved with getting the SIGMUM website up and running while making sure that it stays that way throughout the year, so you, whoever you are, will still be able to read this! I’m currently exploring the field of surgery and testing the waters to hopefully make this my career one day; joining SIGMUM and working alongside all these lovely people with a shared passion for surgery has enabled me to do just that. In my free time, you’ll find me in the labyrinths of Reddit trying to decipher what Tenet is actually about. I enjoy cooking and also making the occasionally embarrassing and cringeworthy TikTok with friends.

Alaa Hamdi

Portfolio Director

Hello! I am Alaa Hamdi, a 3rd year international student from Tunisia, studying at Monash University Malaysia and I am delighted to be SIGMUM’s portfolio director this year. I had been highly keen on joining the club as I reckon it to be a valuable opportunity to supplement my learning with a more in-depth look into the world of surgery and its ins and out. My interest in surgery stems from admiration of its advances and its pronounced impact on patients’ health and quality of life. Outside of being a medical student, I enjoy video games, swimming and perusing the internet.

Lim Hong Ci

Media Officer

Hello! I’m Hong Ci, currently a year 4 medical student. I decided to join SIGMUM this year because I wanted to broaden my horizon and also get to know the world of surgery better! I absolutely love travelling and diving! My favorite animal is the killer whale 🙂