Our Team


Academic Advisor

Dr Anil Gandhi

MBBS, M.S. (Surgery), F.C.L.S., G.C.H.E.

Executive Committee

Ang Shin Yii


Hi everyone, I am Shin Yii, currently in Year 4 and I am your president for the 2023/2024 term. I hope to continue to uphold SIGMUM’s culture in promoting surgical education as well as bringing SIGMUM onto a whole new level by involving postgraduate students who are surgically inclined. I am excited to work with my enthusiastic team in bringing more exciting events to everyone so definitely look forward to what we have for you and we hope that SIGMUM will be part of your journey towards your surgeon dream.

Eva Teo


Hi, I am Eva Teo and I’m currently in Y4. I’m one of the Vice Presidents this year, mainly in charge of education and IT. My ambition has always been to work as a surgeon, (ps.neurosurgeon) which is why I’ve joined SIGMUM in the hopes of learning more about the surgical field and gaining insight into it. I’m also looking forward to working with this group of brilliant and amazing people who share common interests; I believe that together, we can help to grow our students’ interest and enthusiasm in the surgical field.

Wong Carmen


Hi, I am Carmen, currently in my 4th year. I’m the Vice President, mainly in-charge of events. This year we’re finally considered off the hook from the pandemic and we are ready to deliver more physical events for all of you! Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops, webinars, physical talk as well as possible collaborations with other organisations and universities. Let’s bring ourselves one step closer to the surgical field!

Divya Daashni Sarav


Hello everyone! My name is Divya Daashni, and I’m currently in my 5th year of medical school. I am honoured to serve as one of the co-treasurers alongside Raina to manage the club’s finances and create budgets. Even before beginning medical school, I was interested in the field of surgery and hoped to pursue a career in it. I joined SIGMUM because as a member, I will be able to promote surgical interest to others while also furthering my knowledge and experience in the surgical field. I’m excited to work with our wonderful committee to put on events and webinars that will hopefully exceed your expectations.

Raina Maria Jacob


Hi everyone! I’m Raina, and I’m currently in my 5th year. I’ll be one of SIGMUM’s treasurers for this year, and I’m looking forward to working alongside Divya to manage all financial activities of SIGMUM! I personally joined SIGMUM with the hope of taking part in as many events and workshops to enhance my knowledge and skills in the surgical field. I hope our team will be able to meet your expectations and deliver abundant opportunities for all members!

Jordan Tan Wei Lun


Hello, I’m Jordan! Currently in my 3rd year of medical school. As the secretary I will be managing the meeting minutes, administrative functions and ensuring smooth operation for SIGMUM.In 2023, I thrive to be more than the run-of-the-mill secretary, working along this spectacular team in pushing for surgical education among like-minded enthusiasts. 


Karuva Muazzam


I’m Karuva and I’m in my final year of med school! I’m very excited to once again be a part of SIGMUM’s publicity department. I so enjoy being able to come home after a long day at the hospital to sit down and produce something beautiful. I particularly love being able to combine my love for creating and designing with medicine. I look forward to working with my fellow SIGMUM members to do some wonderful things this year!

Grace Liew


Hi! I’m Grace, a 3rd year med student who’s trying her best to strike a work-life balance 🙂 I’m part of the publicity department to help with promoting events designing and providing frontline support to our SIGMUM community. Besides striving to survive in med school, I enjoy journaling about my experiences that may serve to inspire others.

Education & IT

Sor Ji Bin


Hi peeps! I’m Ji Bin and I’m currently in my 4th year. Being in IT, I’ll be mainly managing the websites and databases, basically doing most of the backend job. I am excited to upload and update more interesting content my team has created for you! Stay tuned with our future events and let’s all work towards our passion in the surgical field together. 

Tan Wen Yee


Hi, I’m Wen Yee. I go for what I want and what I love. Hence, here I am! Looking forward to many fun times and challenges ahead!

Crystal Hii


Hello everyone! I’m Crystal, currently in my 5th year of med school. I’m really excited to join SIGMUM again this year and am thrilled to work with this amazing team! Surgery has always had a special place in my heart and I wish that by joining SIGMUM I can further enhance my surgical knowledge and skills. Looking forward to working with yall!!


Leong Kai Xuen


Hi, I’m Kai Xuen and I’ll be delivering SIGMUM events to you this year. I just happen to be someone who loves people and planning. And here, my team and I dismiss the invisible by giving it shape. We look forward to share our passion in surgery through the works of our events. See you there!

Joelle Loi


Hello, I’m Joelle! My team and I are looking forward to turn your ideas into action. No matter big or small, physical or online, we’ll be giving our best. So stay tuned and be sure to join us in our upcoming events!


Grace Tang


Other Committee Members

Kong Ngiong Xiu

BONJOUR! I’m Xiu, currently a final year medical student. I will be working in the Research Division this year. I really like to work with the team this year and am enthusiastic to learn from here. I hope to explore more about surgery, acquiring new skills, and of course, taking on new challenges! Other interests apart from medicine and surgery? Food, music, chess…!

Liau Zi Hui

Hello, I am Liau Zi Hui, a year 4 student! Excited to be part of SIGMUM 2023/2024 and learn how to be a surgeon in the future. Let’s have fun while learning more about surgery :))

Haree Ram

Hi, I am Haree Ram, currently a Year 3 medical student. Let’s together be part of this new revolution to inspire others to gain knowledge. Knowledge, like air is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.

Nethasa Peiris

Hii, I am Nethasa Peiris, currently a Year 3 medical student. I am very excited to be a part of SIGMUM!

Shaneerra Sidhu

Ello ello ello, I’m shaneerra but you can just call me Shanny! I’m in my 3rd year now and I’m enjoying it at the moment (& hopefully for the rest of the year). I am so happy to have been able to join SIGMUM and I will give my all into the work that I do this year! Can’t wait for the rest of the year!

Thashini Dewmini

Hello, I’m Dewmini here! I’m currently in year 3 and I’m really excited to dive into the world of surgery!

Timothy Chan

Hey, I’m Timothy! Currently a year 3 medical student. I am excited to contribute to this community where everyone can have the opportunity to learn and grow together!

Janelle Siew

Hey guys Janelle here ! Can’t wait to dive in the year with more fun and exciting activities with everyone. Let’s have fun and enjoy whilst learning  •3•

Ruxan Malik Roohullah

Hi guys, I’m Ruxan! I’m currently in Year 3 and I’m so pumped to be part of this voyage with you all and to wander through all things surgery. Let’s enjoy the ride, and elevate the future of surgery together!

Foong Wene Shen (Justin)

Harlo, Justin here! In year 3 right now and I simply can’t wait to work with the team to share our common interest with the people around us and to the outside world!

Returning Officers

Kevin Beh

PRESIDENT (2022/23)

Chamath Gunawardena

VP (2022/23)